Embark on our unforgettable Spain trips. Discover the vibrant cities, rich history, and stunning landscapes of Spain. From the bustling streets of Madrid to the architectural wonders of Andalucía. Whether you're seeking cultural immersion, historical exploration, or breathtaking scenery, our Spain trips ensure an unforgettable adventure. Book your Spain trip and don’t miss the chance to explore this marvelous Country. Don't miss out on our Spain, Portugal, and Morocco travel packages for a tour that spans three countries!
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9 Days - 1 Country

The Spain 9 day tour. Live an amazing vacation in Spain visiting Madrid, Andalusia, Granada and more. Be ready for a new adventure and Book now!



Begin your adventure in Madrid, the heart of Spain, where you'll be captivated by its stunning architecture, world-class museums, and vibrant atmosphere. Delve into the medieval charm of Caceres, with its well-preserved historic center and winding streets that transport you back in time. With our meticulously curated tour, you'll embark on an unforgettable journey through the wonders of Spain, immersing yourself in its vibrant culture, awe-inspiring history, and breathtaking landscapes. Let us take care of the details as you create lifelong memories on your trips to Madrid, Spain, and the captivating region of Andalusia.

from $1890
16 Days - 2 Countries

As your journey comes to a close, reflect on the memories you've created and the diverse experiences you've had in both Spain and Morocco. This carefully curated itinerary ensures you'll have a truly immersive and unforgettable adventure, discovering the wonders of two remarkable countries. Let us guide you on this extraordinary journey, where the allure of Spain and Morocco awaits at every turn.

from $2725
Do I have to learn Spanish to enjoy my visit to Spain?
No, you do not have to learn Spanish to enjoy your visit to Spain. While it is true that most people in Spain speak Spanish and only a few speak English well, it is still possible to travel around the country without knowing much Spanish. However, Our English-speaking guides will fulfill our travelers' needs.
What currency is used in Spain?
The currency used in Spain is the euro.
Will I be able to exchange currency on my Spain Tour?
Though it won't be inexpensive, you may easily locate exchange offices in Spain or take out euros using your local currency card. We advise transferring funds to a EUR card if you have one, or carrying cash to avoid paying a significant exchange rate in addition to a withdrawal fee.
Is using credit cards common in Spain?
Yes, using a credit card is common in Spain at stores and other establishments, and they are widely utilized throughout the nation.
Do I need a Visa to Travel to Spain?
For travel, business, and short-term study, holders of U.S. passports are not required to get a visa to enter Spain for up to 90 days, but You must apply for a Spanish residency permit if you intend to stay in Spain for more than 90 days. Beginning in 2025, before visiting Spain and other Schengen Area nations, Americans will have to register through a new screening program called ETIAS.
Is Spain a family-friendly destination?
Yes, there are lots of family-friendly activities and attractions in Spain for travelers of all ages. It's easy to travel with kids in Spain because of the friendly atmosphere there. The modern transport system and the widespread use of English make getting around easy.
What is the best time for a Spain Vacation?
Autumn (September to October) and spring (March to May) are the ideal seasons for travel to Spain. You can take advantage of pleasant weather, few crowds, long days, and a wide range of tourism and cultural events throughout these seasons.
What are some must-visit attractions in Spain?
Some of the most popular attractions in Spain are The Great Mosque of Córdoba, the Cathedral and Alcázar of Seville, the Prado and Paseo del Artes in Madrid, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Royal Palace in Madrid, the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia, and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
Is Spain a safe country to visit?
Travelling to Spain is Generally safe but it's still advisable to exercise caution as with any trip. Take care of your possessions, stay away from remote locations after dark, and take reliable transit. Before your journey, it's a good idea to check travel warnings from your home country and, for extra peace of mind, think about purchasing travel insurance.
Can I combine another destination with my Spain Tour?
Of course! Spain is an ideal starting point for seeing other neighboring nations and areas. Portugal, which has gorgeous coastal scenery and cities like Lisbon and Porto, is a great place to visit in addition to Spain. Morocco is another choice; it provides a distinctive fusion of Arab, European, and African civilizations.
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Great Destinations
, 12/11/23

I recently embarked on this amazing tour and it was truly a trip of a lifetime. Starting in the vibrant city of Madrid, we ventured through the historical wonders of Spain, to the Marvellous places in Portugal.

Such a nice experience
, 11/23/23

I recently had the pleasure of embarking on an extraordinary trip to Spain and Morocco, and it was an experience that left an indelible mark on my heart.

Highly Recommended
, 9/20/23

The itinerary was thoughtfully designed, balancing guided city tours with ample free time to immerse myself in the local culture. This allowed me to savor the delicious cuisine, stroll through vibrant markets, and interact with the friendly locals. 

Nice Trip
, 9/12/23

What made this journey truly remarkable was the warm hospitality and genuine kindness of the people I encountered. Whether it was the friendly locals in the Spanish cities or the hospitable Berber communities in Morocco's rural villages, I felt welcomed and embraced everywhere I went. Engaging in conversations, learning about their traditions, and sharing meals with locals enriched my experience and created lasting connections.

Great Tour
, 8/18/23

I highly recommend exploring the vibrant streets of Spain and delving into the enchanting landscapes of Morocco to fellow travelers seeking an immersive and transformative experience.

An Incredible Tour
, 8/12/23

I recently went on an incredible 14-day tour through Spain and Portugal, exploring some of the most historic and enchanting cities. We had comfortable accommodations and the guidance of knowledgeable English-speaking guides. It was truly a trip of a lifetime!

Interesting Destinations!!
, 5/12/23

I loved this tour! The guides were informative, the accommodations were great & sites were very interesting.

Great Experience
, 5/9/23

Such a great experience. Awesome guides. Can't belived that I moved between Europe and Africa in such time.

Well-organized Tour
, 5/4/23

I found the tour to be well-organized and efficient. The chance to explore the iconic destinations alongside fellow travelers added to the camaraderie and shared experiences.

, 4/23/23

We can’t say enough about our wonderful tour with Memphis Tours.

Beyond Great
, 2/27/23

Not our first trip with Memphis Tours, we went to Egypt and Jordan with them. I personally enjoyed Spain so much, such a beautifull destination. My husband really enjoyed Morocco and the Moroccain Cusine. Thank you Memphis Tours for such an amazing experience.

A Mesmerizing Adventure!
, 2/6/23

My trip to Spain and Morocco was a mesmerizing adventure that exceeded all expectations. The seamless fusion of history, culture, and warm hospitality in both countries made it an unforgettable journey.

Fantastic Tour
, 1/26/23

Just returned from a fantastic tour through Spain, Morocco, and Portugal with Memphis Tours. Our guides were absolutely amazing throughout the whole 21-day tour. Everything was well organized, well managed, and great fun.

Nice Trip!
, 12/28/22

Well organized. Sites well chosen. Over all a very nice trip.

Unforgettable Trip
, 2/13/22

This tour exceeded my expectations in every way possible. From the rich history and enchanting architecture of Spain to the charm and cultural essence of Portugal. The tour perfectly blended history, culture, relaxation, and natural beauty. It truly was a trip of a lifetime, and I cannot wait to return to explore more.

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