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Tangier Travel Guide

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Located at the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier was once a top destination for the 1960s literary and artistic set. Even though it is no longer the haunt of famous artists and writers, it is still a spot where you can find traces of art in Morocco vacations.


Tangier is one of the must-visit Moroccan cities. The city is a good representation of history, multi-cultures, and Moroccan art. It is a bustling city with vibrant vibes and lots of things to do and enjoy.



Location of Tangier 


The city of Tangier is located on a bay of the Strait of Gibraltar, almost 17 miles (27 km) from the southern tip of Spain. It also lies 40 miles (65 km) to the southeast Of Tétouan.


How to Get There?!


By Air


Tangier Airport transports over 1 million passengers every year. Many major European cities service Tangier including Paris, Madrid, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Domestic flights are available as well, from cities like Marrakech, Ouarzazate, and Casablanca.


By Train


Tangier train station lies 4 km southeast of the ferry port terminal and the bus station. If you are to head to Fez or Marrakesh, then you have to arrive by Tangier first as it is the best option for a rail connection to the mentioned destinations.  


By Bus


The main long-distance bus station of CTM is located right outside the ferry port terminal. Moving to Morocco by bus is really easy and accessible. Everyone can catch a bus to any of the major cities in Morocco. 



Where to Stay in Tangir?


The city of Tangier has various options for affordable accommodation, especially riads. It is recommended to book your first night ahead of your visit to avoid any issues. 


La Tangerina: Located in the Kasbah, it is a beautifully restored boutique hotel that only includes 10 rooms. The hotel offers you the chance to enjoy meals on the rooftop terrace and enjoy traditional Moroccan food. Prices start at 45 Euros per night. 


Dar Jameel: This is a perfect choice if you want to be in the heart of the Media. This hotel has five levels that offer eight sprawling suites around an interior courtyard. Rooms are decorated beautifully with traditional furniture. Prices start from 48 Euros per night, including breakfast.


Dar Nour: This is a small boutique hotel in the Kasbah that is convenient to all the major sights. The terrace of the rooftop is the highlight of the place. It overlooks the town and the ocean. It contains seven rooms that are decorated with traditional Moroccan carpets and furniture. Prices start from 63 Euros per night, including breakfast.


Dar Nilam: Located a mile from the town center and being close to the beach, this hotel is really small but excellent. It offers personalized service and unique decorations. It has only five rooms, a small garden, and a pool. Traditional Moroccan food is served at dinner. Prices start from 80 Euros per night. 


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Best Time to Visit Tangier 


The best time to go to Tangier is from September to November and also from March to May. It is when the weather is perfect and not so hot. During these months, you have a better opportunity to accommodate in a riad with a good price, since the tourist season is not at the peak yet.



Things to Do in Tangier


1. Medina  


Medina or Old Town is a vibrant place. Its alleyways are filled with  teahouses, brothels, and shops. The Tangier Medina has always fascinated artists, Eugène Delacroix, Henri Matisse, Paul Bowles, Tennessee Williams, Jean Genet… the list can be continued.


All have fallen for the charm of Petit Socco Square and its cafés, especially the famous Tingis, It is where old men sit for hours drinking tea and playing backgammon.


The old Mendoub Palace, built-in 1929, situated to the North of the medina, is now a mansion for foreign VIPs. 


The museum of the old American Legation is in the Southern extremity. Its paintings are on display and one room is dedicated to the American writer Paul Bowles. 


You should leave the medina by Grand Socco Square, a lively spot in the evening, and enter the new town.



2. The New Town


You can enjoy a pleasant walk in Mendoubia Park situated north of Grand Socco Square. A giant banyan tree and a dragon tree, alleged to be 800 years old, highlight the visit. 


Take rue de la Liberté, a shopping thoroughfare, to the Place de France which is the heart of the modern town. There you will find the celebrated Grand Café de Paris and the El Minzah Hotel which both were haunts of the famous names of arts and literature of the 19th and early 20th centuries.


This spot is still very fashionable. You will have an amazing view of the medina and the port and bay of Tangier from Faro Square with its canons. The mythical Hafa café overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar from the top of the cliff.



3. The Kasbah 


The Kasbah dominates Medina's northern section. The gate of the Kasbah opens into a large courtyard leading to the Dar el-Makhzen Palace and Kasbah Museum. Built-in the 17th century, the palace’s carved wooden ceilings and marble courtyard display the intricacies of Moroccan craftwork.



4. Kasbah Museum 


Kasbah Museum is of the top places in Morocco for history enthusiasts. The museum displays an amazing number of exhibits that represent Morocco’s complicated history. 


The Antiquities Collection exhibits find from the country's prime ancient Roman sites like Lixus and Volubilis. It also includes a life-size model of a Carthaginian tomb.  


The Fez Room is an interesting section. It contains silks and manuscripts, besides displaying centuries-old ceramics decorated from golden yellow to the famous Fes-blue.



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