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Dhow Cruise (Tour Bahr)

A new dinner cruise aboard a dhow – a traditional Arabian sailing boat – is plying the waters off our stunning Corniche, giving guests captivating views of Abu Dhabi city’s illuminated night skyline. Know More.!

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Dhow Cruise in Dubai is an extraordinary method to escape from the everyday routine. It's an exceptional encounter for visitors and an opportunity to see the extraordinary culture of the city.


Vacationers are anxious to invest some quality energy with their friends and family who can pick the do journey. Du Cruz has two astounding goals in Dubai - a Creek and a marina. On the off chance that you need to see the history places where the city significant is profound, look at Dhow Cruise Creek. It will meander around Deira to feature Dubai's unassuming start.


Dubai, The City of Gold


Dubai, The second Largest Emirate of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates- UAE, It has the largest population, the most modern and progressive over all the Emirates. The diversity of Dubai comes from the fact that it has the largest immigrant population in the world. Dubai is emerging as a global business, cultural, entrepreneurial and Touristic hub of the Middle East and the Arab Gulf Region.


Dubai is building a great Tourism industry and gaining popularity of welcoming all Travelers sensations through tourist attractions, landmarks, shopping centers, parks, nightlife, hotels, sunbathing, fine dining and even sporting events. Dubai's Glory was built on the transformation of a desert city with regional standards into an international city with excellent tourist amenities.


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Dhow Cruise (Tour Bahr)


Dubai, All-In-One City!


Dubai would be a great destination for Shopping Tourism, maritime tourism, attracting visitors from all over the world. When walking in Dubai streets of course you will meet people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, America, and Europe as well. Diving in Dubai Rich details we are reaching Bur Dubai, the historic district that refers to the area from Jumeirah to The Creek the last point before Deira.

It -Deira- is the oldest financial center in Dubai where Congress Tourism is apparently working in its best image. The following newly structured commercial-residential district is Mirdiff/Mirdif lies directly under the flight path to Dubai International Airport.
Once again you can spot a significant new wonder in Dubai, Ain Dubai, the world’s largest observation wheel. In the middle of the desert, the inspiration reaches its peak that gave them the spectacular design of The international City, next to Chinatown as many Chinese businessmen and women.

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Marina Dhow Cruise 

An incredibly current neighborhood that was arranged and worked without any preparation that is the thing that the Dubai Marina is Proof of accuracy arranging and doubt is all over the place. The tall structures line the sky with a flood of water. A portion of these structures is universally eminent engineering. The two-hour voyage covers the whole length of the Marina Canal beginning at JBR. Marina is loaded with cheer and sparkle. In the fantasies of everybody coming to Dubai, there are condos before the water in JBR. As you travel to Dubai Marina, you have the chance to see the rich structures in the city.
The palms burrowed on the two sides of the conduit are enlightened through and through. Watchers may confuse it with light posts like the palm. The individuals you see on walkways and shopping centers are generally European and American travel and local Arabs.

The air is fun and fun. Individuals need to come to Mina after a bustling life. In this manner, Marina is brimming with relaxation openings that don't have top of the line eateries, shopping centers, and servers. Cobblestone Boulevard at Marina Walks observes workmanship exhibitions throughout the end of the week.
The trench is advancing widely toward one side of the city, stretching out to the Marina called Blue Water Island. Even though there is considerably more to be done in the coming years, the island is available to open visits. A similar Dubai, the tallest monster wheel holding on to be divulged in 2020, is on the island. The principal miles can be seen a long way from the mail. There are numerous things that voyage brings to the table, for example, grill, live exhibitions, moving, music.
Dhow Cruise (Tour Bahr)


Tour Bahr and Dubai Maritime Tourism


Going to the city center of the "New Dubai", Downtown Dubai, that comprises Bur Dubai and Deira between Dubai Marina. The coming iconic, innovative and luxurious province is Dubai Harbour, which is promising to be opened in October 2020. The waterfront development is aiming at the biggest most sophisticated maritime facility, Inspired by the Gulf’s long tradition with the sea.

Dubai Marina, Westerns to the heart Dubai where the skyscrapers cluster center and the "Jumeirah Beach Walk" with its Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Markets and other amenities borders Jebel Ali (the world's largest man-made port. One of the Modern Touristic Experiences offers you a different perspective of your destination, The Dining Cruise.


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'Tour Bahr' or ‘Sea Tour’ in English, a Dhow, Arabian Tradionaonal Wooden Sailing Boat. The Cruise Tour, Tour Bahr, Operates for tow hours on daily bases starting from 10.30 am with the last trip leaving at 16.30 pm, 365 days a year, fitted with WiFi, music Sports Bar with billiard/pool tables and all amenities and facilities. with a Luxurious-lavish buffet of Food and beverage catered by multi-lingual and attentive staff ready to serve you round the clock from five-star Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi.

 The Cruise embarks from the dhow berth at Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club, opposite Marina Mall, at 8 pm and can accommodate 275 passengers over double roofs/decks. Abu Dhabi stunning Corniche giving a panoramic city view to the guests Dubai coastline, Sharjah, terminating the voyage at Ajman, Letting your toes touch the wide and white sandy beach stretches around half a kilometer of a 3 stars private Hotel overlooking Abu Dhabi's Grand Mosque, welcoming the cruise guests. The Cruise tour would be a perfect choice for couples, honeymooners, Wedding and engagement ceremonies.


Dhow Cruise (Tour Bahr)
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Creek Dhow Cruise 

The historical backdrop of Dubai starts with Bur Dubai and Dera - two settlements are shaped along the common conduit. The characteristic harbor in the rivulet and the unwinding in tax collection helped slip Dubai into a business center point. From the earliest starting point of the twentieth century, it increased worldwide consideration through the gold exchange. The extension of Dubai after the disclosure of oil was amazing.


A Dhow Cruise Creek takes you to every one of these attractions in the circle and into Dubai, with a complimentary supper to appreciate. Dubai's most seasoned high rises are on the edge of the spring. Dera Creek Tower, the ship-like National Bank of Dubai building, and the Rolex Twin Towers are only a couple of the structures that embellish the city's skyscape toward the finish of the only remaining century. There is a whole other world to the break.


The Gold Cube, which has been the focal point of gold exchanging for quite a long time, is out yonder and is a well known traveler goal. It likewise has zest boxes and material boxes. From Dow Cruise Creek, you can see Bastia, which are several years of age. Encompassed by it is the home of the present leader of Dubai, Sheik Saeed Al Maktoum, with a particular red shine of coral stones. El Saif is an ongoing fascination in Bur Dubai. It has two sections. One section was assembled simply like the medieval angling town in Dubai and the other part is a marriage between the past and the advanced. It reaches out as much as two kilometers along Elsef Creek.


A Glimpse on New Dubai


Having Deeper Look into Dubai Emirate, it is divided into a number of districts and provinces. The Famous 'Jumeirah', where a mixture of Europe, Karachi, and Manila could be felt. The beaches (like Jumeirah Beach) and luxurious buildings and villas is a great environment for the Europeans made it a favored spot to live. Going to the city center of the "New Dubai", Downtown Dubai, that comprises Bur Dubai and Deira between Dubai Marina.

The coming iconic, innovative and luxurious province is Dubai Harbour, that is promising to be opened on October 2020. The waterfront development is aiming to the biggest most sophisticated maritime facility, Inspired by the Gulf’s long tradition with the sea. Dubai Marina, Westerns to the heart Dubai where the skyscrapers cluster center and the "Jumeirah Beach Walk" with its Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Markets and other amenities borders Jebel Ali (the world's largest man-made port.


Dhow Cruise Tour (Tour Bahr) is daily starting its voyage from 10.30am, with the last trip leaving at 16.30pm.



Dressing style for Cruise

You can wear anything which you feel good for voyaging. By and large, everybody wears easygoing wear. Since the journey is at night, you don't need to wear a cap, shades, or use sunscreen. The general guideline is the way you dress when you go to a standard eatery to eat. Despite the fact that the standards of dress in Dubai are excusing, unobtrusive garments is prescribed to regard the neighborhood culture. Consider with different visitors and ensure you don't have provocative apparel.


Indicating a lot of time can place you in a tough situation with the law. Yet, it's alright to wear knee-length shorts. In the upper deck of the wash is in the open air eating that isn't cooled. Since Dubai is encountering a cool atmosphere from December to March, the upper deck may should be somewhat solidified. Along these lines, you ought to be prepared with a coat and, maybe, a beanie for the chilly months.


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